Seaford SA 5169
Adelaide, Australia

Keynote Speaker

Scott’s background in corporate business, media, private enterprise or non-for-profit organizations is extensive.His amazing journey and life experiences will help guide an audience through the steps required to put their Ideas into action as well as entertain with stories of innovation.

It’s all about ideas, it doesn’t matter what field you work in. As the inventor of the award winning HEGS™ Clothes pegs Scott’s amazing story and team development background will inspire people in every walk of life to TAKE ACTION NOW.

“Scott Boocock was our guest speaker addressing the Alice Springs business community.  His presentation was captivating, amusing, and inspirational. Many guests said it was the most motivational talk they had heard, and it encouraged them to ‘have a go’! We need more innovators like Scott…”

Kay Eade
Executive Officer, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

Yes To Innovation

The story of the HEG™ with a focus on Innovation from conception to fruition. Share Scott’s journey through the challenges that he and his team had to overcome to make the HEG an international brand and ensure a smooth chain supply. He will share with you this inspiring Australian Story of how to develop a following that media wants to talk about. Throughout Scott’s presentation he will draw parallels to innovation in a tangible and understandable way, while motivating the audience to start ‘Thinking Like Innovators’ within their life and workplace. Scott uses an array of his intellectual property from his life of innovating companies and teams.

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Turn Your Ideas Into Action ‘7 Step Process’

The WINNING Plan is a ‘7 Step Process’ highlighting how Scott took his idea and manufactured, marketed and distributed the HEG while creating an international brand, along with various businesses and organisations he has built over the years. His ‘7 step process’ will show you how to get the best from yourself or your employees by using a system that encourages the team to start ‘Thinking Like innovators’. The focus of this keynote is for people to use this plan and understand where their idea is in the process and then how to turn the idea into action.

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Brand – How It Effects Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are quite often mistaken for the same thing, however they have one common theme…Brand. Scott will break the difference down to understand that Marketing and Sales are completely different mechanisms and how to use them to your advantage. He will discuss the importance of creating strong Brands and how this effects all areas of your business. HEGS™ is now an international brand and it’s important to understand how to protect it while marketing and selling your ideas. Scott will share insights to patents, trademarks and IP protection.

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