I have an idea – What Now?

The HEG: the peg with a hook – simple, but so powerful. The story begins in the very heart of Australia.’ Four months went by, and the plans for the ‘Peg with a Hook’ started to grow. My focus in business has always been the end result: never start something without having some idea too
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I have an idea!

It was a hot day. We were renting a house in McLaren Flat, near the vineyards and the beaches south of Adelaide in South Australia at the time. I was putting out the washing, when I picked up my wife’s black evening dress…. I looked at the slim straps that go over the shoulders and
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Talk, Smile and Thank

It’s funny, in this day and age when you spend your money you rarely get a ‘Thank You’ for passing over your hard earned cash. It might have something to do with the fact that you no longer hand over cash, more likely It’s a piece of plastic with your name on it.One of my
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